Month: January 2017

Hello my little sandwich bags! Just a quick pop in to say my weird, sort of but not at all science fiction story is up on Flash Fiction Magazine. Have a read, thanks!

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The Slaughter of the Vampires – promoted as Slaughter of the Vampires – is a 1962 Italian horror film written and directed by Roberto Mauri (Night of Violence; Kong Island). The original title is La strage dei vampiri (“The Massacre of Vampires”). A 1966 British release by E.J. Fancey was cut for an ‘X’ certificate by the […]

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‘Nothing ever struck you like…’ The Snake Woman is a 1960 British horror film directed by Sidney J. Furie (The Entity; Doctor Blood’s Coffin) from a screenplay by American Orville H. Hampton (The Alligator People; Mesa of Lost Women; Lost Continent). It stars Susan Travers (Peeping Tom), John McCarthy and Geoffrey Denton. Over many years, a scientist in […]

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