The Quiet Ones and its True Story

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Hammer Films’ upcoming supernatural chiller The Quiet Ones is yet another horror film that prides itself on being inspired by “true events”. The John Pogue-directed haunter recently found a spot on my “Most Anticipated” list so I decided to do a little digging to find out just what the film’s inspiration was. Now this one is a stretch, guys. The movie bases itself off of a little experiment that a group of scientists conducted back in the 70’s where they set out to create a ghost of their very own. Now that’s quite the twist on your typical ghost story isn’t it? We all know someone who claims to have experienced a supernatural event, or maybe even you yourself have have seen a ghost. But do ghosts actually exist, or is it something that our very mind manifests? Can we actually be the ones creating the ghost? That’s the question…

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Viral ‘Hits’ and Philip K. Dick Pics: Links You Need to See

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Broad City‘s second season has been alluring audiences even more than its first, exuberantly expanding the wild world in which it takes place (Gowanus, apparently, at least according to the wisdom of a giant tooth who now has his own Twitter account). This season, Abbi and Ilana have pegged, endured swamp-ass, exploited unpaid labor, cleaned up after rogue exercise balls covered in vomit, and sent perfectly innocent friends into the dangerous territory of Frozen Yogurt fortress “42 Squirts.” But despite their consistently brilliant tackling of risqué topics like fro-yo, co-creator/star Ilana Glazer says, in a new interview with The Daily Dot, “Risk-taking isn’t really on our radar when we’re creating. We just wanted to make the show something we’d want to watch and laugh out loud at.” She also reveals their dream guest-star. Read the interview here. 

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Songs to Wake the Dead – Black Cat Recordings 1997

1 Alien Sex Fiend Magic (Pyramid Mix)
2 Demonix Perv (Remix)
3 Switchblade Symphony Dollhouse (The Damned Mix)
4 Shroud, The Caged Bird
5 Christian Death Hour Of The Wolf
6 Eva O Angel Of Death
7 Wake, The (2) Procession
8 Rosetta Stone Adrenaline (Hard Mix)
9 Big Electric Cat Christabel
10 Corpus Delicti The Shelter
11 Damned, The Grimly Fiendish (Live)
12 Die Form Bite God
13 Children On Stun Leveled Out
14 Nosferatu (4) Farewell My Little Earth
15 Spiral Trance Close Your Eyes

Various ‎– Songs To Wake The Dead

Black Rat Recordings ‎– BR 001-2
CD, Compilation


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