Month: August 2014

Night Monster (1942)

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Despite the star billing of Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill, Lugosi doesn’t have much to do and Atwill even less. There’s lots of fog in the woods surrounding the Inkston Towers mansion. When the frogs stop croaking there’s something out there and people die.

Margaret Inkston calls Dr.Lynne Harper (Irene Hervey) to come out to the Towers. Her companion and housekeeper Sarah Judd is very upset about it. Servant Milly Carson quits. Too many strange things are going on there and she wants to report it to the local constable, Cap Beggs.

Laurie the chauffeur (Leif Erickson) drives Milly towards town. He stops and tries to come on to her. She gets out of the car and hitches a ride with Jed Harmon into town. Cap tells her she doesn’t have much info to go on and something has to happen before he can act. Even the murder of a…

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