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College Scandal (1935)

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Arline JudgeArline Judge

Arline Judge is fun to watch as a college student investigating murder on campus. She doesn’t play it headstrong or ditzy and that’s why it works. One determent to the movie is filler about a rehearsal for a college variety show. If that had been cut out and more of the main mystery added this would have been a solid B picture. It’s still good but it could have been better.

Dan Courtridge is the editor of the school paper. He’s getting the dirt column ready with an item about a teacher and student. No names but it’s obvious it’s about chemistry professor Seth Dunlap (Kent “Boston Blackie” Taylor) and student Julie Fresnel (Wendy Barrie).

Seth’s sister Sally (Arline Judge) is a reporter for the paper and is in the office when Dan shows her a letter he got from out of town. It asked for his autograph…

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