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Sometime ago in my misbegotten youth, as a child, I remember being left alone in my parents car one fateful night after a day out visiting the British Natural History museum. My parents had dashed off to acquire a meal of soggy fish and chips from the local chippie, before returning home.


While waiting for my parents return with the aforementioned meal, I looked out of the passenger window and noticed a billboard featuring a huge Lamb’s Navy poster of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Even though I was but a kid, with no bristles to yet erupt forth upon my physiognomy, requiring copious amounts of Noxzema shaving cream, she stirred something deep within me.

I felt that my head was going to explode, it was like a mystical revelation. The experience was of similarity to what I had far earlier experienced when seeing a poster for Barbarella…

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Sherlock Holmes’ Fatal Hour (The Sleeping Cardinal) (1931)

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sherlock holmes' fatal hour (the sleeping cardinal) 1931

First of five movies starring Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes and Ian Fleming as Dr.Watson. Minnie Rayner is Mrs.Hudson and Philip Hewland is Inspector Lestrade. The movie is based on two Doyle stories, “The Adventure Of The Empty House” and “The Final Problem.”

The Bank of England is robbed and the watchman killed. Switch to a card game at the home of brother and sister Kathleen and Ronald Adair. Some time ago the family trustee killed himself leaving them with almost nothing. Ronald has been supporting them by gambling. He has a habit of winning.

He’s winning again during a bridge game at the house. Marston the butler finds an ace of spades on the floor. Ronald says it belongs to a deck on another table. The game breaks up after millionaire Thomas Fisher has had it with losing. Dr.Watson stopped by at Kathleen’s request. She’s afraid Ronald is a…

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