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Mel’s 5 Second Review: The Conjuring

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The Conjuring
(2013) Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Shanley Caswell, Hayley McFarland, Joey King, Mackenzie Foy, Kyla Deaver, Shannon Kook, John Brotherton and Joseph Bishara


A little slow in some parts, this was nevertheless an excellent film. The acting, atmosphere and effects were all top notch, and the reliance on boo!scares were kept to a bare minimum. I don’t buy for a second that this is anywhere near to true, but it makes for a damned good film. There really isn’t anything else to say about this film, just that it’s great, and if you haven’t seen it, go! Go now! It gets 9.5/10, it’s darn near a perfect horror film.

I don’t think this film is currently on Netflix, but it’s well worth the price of a rental, or even the price of buying the dvd/blu-ray, so go track it down!


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Dr. Catsu Reviews Shame The Devil (2013)

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

‘Se7en’ is one of my favourite movies. I saw it at the cinema without prior knowledge and was completely blown away by its gothic aesthetic, by its creative and graphic violence, and by the nihilism of it all. Everyone else loved it too and a whole raft of copycats was released, each one more inferior than the last. This trend was reversed by Leigh Whannell’s ‘Saw’ in 2004 which remains one of my favourite movies of the last ten years; it was quickly followed by another seemingly endless stream of copycats and it, along with Eli Roth turdfest ‘Hostel’, heralded a new age of, what came to be known as, ‘torture porn’. It’s not a term I use and think it devalues some films and adds merit to ones that do not deserve it but, in common parlance, it is now an umbrella term for anything in which deliberate and…

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The Religion Show

Radio of Horror Blog

It just occured to me that tonight’s show has a lot to do with faith and God and stuff I questions and believe in. My gf recently found out I believe in God and she is an Atheist. She still loves me and she finds it funny. Tonight’s show we have from the movie Way of the Wicked which stars Christine Slater and Vinnie Jones the director Kevin Carraway. its a religious supernatural thriller. But before that we have the female cenobite from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser 2 Hellbound Barbie Wilde. Pam and I also talk about the passing of H.R. Giger, Garou Wolfman and the new GODZILLA and The Sacrement.




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“Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man – a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virile. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus – they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.”
Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Stiggy’s Film of the Day Nightmare Circus aka Terror Circus, Barn of the Naked Dead (1974).

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

The story.

Three girls, Simone, Sheri and Corrine, are heading out for a new life in Sunny Las Vegas when they take a shortcut across the desert in their beaten up vehicle. In line with all good horrors, the car breaks down, and they are left stranded for the night. However imagine their surprise in the morning when a handsome young stranger, Andre, comes to their aid and offers to take them into town. Time is of the essence as the girls are meeting their agent in Las Vegas. Although when the girls arrive at Andre’s ranch it looks like they are not going to make it to their rendezvous after all. Andre has plans of his own; he wants the girls to star in his own circus based show. They are the main attraction, but he feels these new acquisitions are a bit wild, and they need taming first.

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Radio of Horror Blog

ImageKylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam – a well-intentioned blabbermouth who’s convinced that the house is haunted. Kylie dismisses Miriam’s superstitions as nothing more than a distraction from a life occupied by boiled vegetables & small-town gossip. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers & strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she’s inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who’s not particularly thrilled about her return.

Directed by New comer  Gerard Johnstone it premeired at South by South west to critical acclaim. Lets hope it holds up to this once the press gets a hold of it. Haunted house movies…

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