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The Heavenly Body (1944)

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the heavenly body 1944

Except for one unnecessary over the top scene this is a pleasant comedy about an astronomer whose marriage is in trouble after his wife sees an astrologer. William Powell and Hedy Lamarr are fun to watch.

Professor Bill Whitley (William Powell) has discovered a new comet that’s going to hit the Moon. His work keeps him away from home at night and his wife Vicki (Hedy Lamarr) is tired of being ignored. With the encouragement of her across the street neighbor Nancy Potter (Spring Byington) she goes to astrologer Margaret Sibyll.

Bill thinks astrology is ridiculous but Vicki is a believer after she gets her horoscope. It says something important is going to happen to her. Bill tears up the forecast. A couple weeks late Vicki goes to the Mount Jefferson Observatory where Bill is working on his speech for the night of the comets collision.

She tells him she’s…

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Raw (2016)



A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) Janghwa, Hongryeon (original title)

“In the original story, the sisters’ names are Janghwa and Hongryeon (Rose Flower and Red Lotus). In the movie, they are Su-mi and Su-yeon (still meaning Rose and Lotus).”



Crooked House (2008– ) Episodes 1-3 (can’t find 4)

The New Addams Family (1998)

Ellie Harvey is good as Morticia. Very beautiful.

Nicole Fugere is good as Wednesday. She’s playing it with lots of intensity.

I’m not diggin’ Glenn Taranto as Gomez. I think terribly miscast. He’s missing John Astin’s crazy eyes, and Raul Julia’s elegance.

Auditioning the Addamses

Seeker of Truth

I really like it when I stumble upon something cool right out of the blue. I said that about this interesting 1974 interview with Christopher Lee, and now I’ve found something else that was just too good not to share.

I certainly never intended to write another Addams Family post so soon after the last one. In fact, I didn’t think there’d be an occasion to write about them ever again. But one of the best received features of my previous Addams Family post was the behind the scenes images of the actresses other than Carolyn Jones who auditioned for the role of Morticia.

TV Pilot-Addams Family A Series

You don’t recognize this photo from the other post? That’s because it’s a new shot. One of many wonderful unpublished images (from LIFE Magazine’s archives) that I found today. All are obviously from 1964 — the year “The Addams Family” hit the airwaves.

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