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Jack The Ripper (1959)

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jack the ripper 1959

Umpteenth version of the story is a pretty good presentation. The music is by Stanley Black. A superior version of the soundtrack was released in America in 1959 by Pete Rugolo.

This movie version opens with a voice asking a woman on the street if she is Mary Clarke. She isn’t but she’s still another victim of Jack The Ripper. A bunch of scared locals in a pub are bracing an American asking him why he’s been asking so many questions about The Ripper. Jack is rumored to be a foreigner. Maybe he’s….

The brawl is underway when Scotland Yard Inspector O’Neill (Eddie Byrne) breaks it up. The American is New York policeman Sam Lowry (Lee Patterson). He’s on leave and joins O’Neill in the hunt. The Ripper carries a black bag with surgical instruments and uses them on his victims.

At the Mercy Hospital for Women Dr.Trantner isn’t happy…

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Special Halloween Post: The Forgotten Victorian Novelist Who Outsold Dickens

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As the nights are beginning to draw in and Halloween approaches, how about something to make the flesh creep and send a shiver down the spine? Charles Dickens was a master of the macabre, whether it’s in his Christmas ghost stories such as A Christmas Carol, in the chilling Gothic emptiness of Satis House in Great Expectations or the dirty squalor of London in Oliver Twist. But there was another novelist who most people have never heard of, whose books also offered the Victorian reading public a good helping of horror. At the height of his career, he sold more copies of his work than Dickens, who is widely thought to have been the bestselling novelist of the age. This other writer’s name was George W. M. Reynolds, and he has recently been called ‘the other Dickens’. 2014 marks the bicentenary of his birth.

His full name was…

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