Month: February 2014

The Devil-Doll (1936)

Exclamation Mark's Monster Review

From the DVD case: Devil’s Island escapee Paul Lavond (Lionel Barrymore) poses as a shop proprietress and uses secrets of miniaturization to turn humans into elusive minions who inflict revenge on all who sent him to prison. Tod Browning (Freaks) directs. Maureen O’Sullivan co-stars.

Mark says: The Devil-Doll begins with a ludicrous premise: Paul Levond escapes prison after 17 years vowing to get revenge on the three former partners who framed him. Lavond’s fellow escapee, Marcel, is a scientist who leads Levond to his laboratory. Marcel and his wife, Malita, have been working on an experiment to shrink living creatures. Marcel’s wants to shrink every creature in the world as a way to combat overpopulation. Marcel believes if he can shrink everything down to 1/6 its size, the world will have six times the food on which to live. The drawback is that the shrunken subjects…

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Witchcraft (1964)

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witchcraft 1964

The poster makes this look like a toss off. It’s anything but that. This is a lost gem and well worth seeking out. A feud has been going on between the Laniers and the Whitlocks for three hundred years. In the 1600’s Vanessa Whitlock (Yvette Rees) was judged a witch by the Laniers. Instead of being burned at the stake she was buried alive. A lot of people thought it was just a ploy by the Laniers to chase the Whitlocks off the land so they could grab it. Now she’s back.

The Lanier Construction company is running a bulldozer and other equipment through the Whitlock part of a cemetery. Morgan Whitlock (Lon Chaney,Jr.) tries to stop them. No luck. He storms over to Bill Lanier’s (Jack Hedley) house. Bill said he didn’t know anything about it. Besides that Morgan was given plenty of time to move the bodies. Furthermore…

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