13 Must See Horror Films of 2013

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The year is drawing to a close so lets look back and count down the 13 horror films of 2013 that deserve to be seen! The films will be listed in order with the Horror Film that earns TheHorroronline’s Number 1 must see film of 2013 taking the top spot. 


13. Evil Dead


Not the most well received of 2013’s horror films, Evil Dead didn’t quite live up to it’s hype as it was just a little bit too glossy for some tastes. BUT it is worth watching, if only for Sam Rami’s divine hand having blessed and touched the production, which lifted it above the usual remake dreck. It doesn’t get any easier this time round watching every character behave like a Goddamn idiot (it’s 2013 couldn’t one of them have brought a Kindle and left The Book Of The Dead the hell alone?) but screaming at the…

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Songs That Horror Movies Made Creepy

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Lets take a look at the songs that were once innocent and have now been forever tainted with creepy associations to horror movies.



Silence Of The Lambs ; Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus 


What It Was : 

A catchy 80’s tune originally used on the The Married To The Mob soundtrack. 

What It Became ; 

Flashback inducing, Stomach churning, stop you in your tracks creepy.

Scene ;  

Bat crap crazy serial killer Buffalo Bill clad only in a Kimono (sort of), does a flirty dance while looking directly at the camera (ie. you) as he models a woman’s scalp on his head (and sports a mangina).The iconic dance which had appeared in the novel was not in the script. A very brave Ted Levine who played Buffalo Bill insisted that the dance be included in the film and was given free reign to choreograph it…

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The Good, The Bad and The Terrible ; The Occult

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Welcome to the The Good, The Bad and The Terrible in this feature we will take a well known horror movie trope and look at the films that excelled and did something wonderful with the concept, those that well, didn’t and those that monumentally cocked it up..Today’s topic, Occult Films


The Good

Haxan : Witchcraft Through The Ages (1922)


A documentary with dramatized scenes, this silent Swedish/Danish film was apparently terrifying in its time. Sharing knowledge about witchcraft and its origins it introduced audiences to a darker side of history. It’s still a fascinating watch.



The Woman Who Came Back (1945)


Walter Colmes horror film deals with a woman who believes that she is the reincarnation of a 300 year old witch. This is a wonderfully atmospheric film, that perfectly showcases Hollywood’s blossoming romance with the super natural.



Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

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Mel’s 5 Second Review: Bathory

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(2008) Anna Friel, Karel Roden, Hans Matheson, Vincent Regan, Deana Jakubiskova, Bolek Polivka and Antony Byrne


The film is absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous costumes, stunning locations and the statuesque Anna Friel in the lead role. It’s a rather long film, clocking in at 2h15, and unfortunately, you start to feel that time about an hour and a half in. Up until that laggy point, the film is excellent, a wonderful historical biopic, but it looses it’s steam during the second act, before picking up again for the last 15 minutes. A shame, really. The story is told from a slightly different historical standpoint, as if Erzsebet Bathory weren’t the blood hungry Countess history claims she is, but the victim of the government and other nobles trying to gain her lands (she owned more land than the King, about 1/3rd of the country). It’s really hard to tell, with these larger…

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Mel’s 5 Second Review: House at the End of the Street

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House at the End of the Street
(2012) Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Elizabeth Shue, Gil Bellows, Eva Link, Nolan Gerard Funk, Jordan Hayes and Allie MacDonald


Pretty darn good. A little slow in some parts, but never so much that I got bored. Acting was top notch (especially from Jennifer Lawrence, what a rising star she is!) and the story was really good. I wasn’t surprised by the twist, unfortunately, because I already kind of knew what was going to happen (god, I hate spoilers… grrr!), but I enjoyed it nonetheless. A solid 8.5/10.

This is currently on Netflix. Enjoy!! 🙂



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The Pigment Made Out of Real Mummies


Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.50.02 AM

Considered to be a highly variable pigment between raw umber (almost greenish brown) and burnt umber (a ruddier brown), Mummy Brown was a transparent brown good for mixing.

Made from ancient Egyptian human and feline mummies grave-robbed as antiquities in Europe, there was a craze to use the bodies for everything from fertilizer to beauty creams to fine art paint pigment.

The pigment itself wasn’t easily imitated. It wasn’t just made regular long-dried out corpses. The mummification process involved asphaltum or bitumen, often in place of the removed organs. Whole mummies were then ground for commercial use.

Via Scientific American.

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