Oculus (2014)

Reel Ryan

A horror movie that proves that you don’t have to be vain to be scary. The film really doesn’t mirror anything else, I’ve heard people mention 1408, but instead of a room it’s a mirror keeping people hostage. I thought this movie wasn’t entertaining all the way through, but it has some excellent moments and really messes with your mind. Karen Gillan is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now, her acting could have been a little better, but she is simply stunning to look at. Katee Sackhoff definitely got her fiber in this film from eating lots of stoneware dish sets, she was a pretty good crazy lady. Like I said, this film wasn’t amazing, but it is interesting enough for me to recommend that you should check it out if you like horror films.



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Enter “The Dark Lord” – a review of the work of Peter Levenda

The Blog of Baphomet

This book took me back to my early teens when I first came across the work of Kenny G. The Dark Lordstands squarely in the tradition of attractively produced, Thelema-centric, hyperbole-tastic, Typhonian literature. At first glance I wondered if this was to be a biography of Mr Grant (aka ‘The Slime Lord’) but in this case ‘The Dark Lord’ isn’t just a more polite epithet for Kenny (and no, it’s not a Voldemort or Peter Mandelson reference either). Instead The Dark Lord in question is the being that signifies that whole stellar-Set-Shaitan-Typhon antinomian spooky occult vibe.

None more black None more black

In this book Peter Levenda takes us a on a grand tour of the interface between Crowley, Lovecraft and Grant, with supporting characters appearing in the form of Jack ‘butterfingers’ Parsons, Mike Bertiaux and Frater Achad (no mention of Soror Nema, women don’t get much of a look-in until we get…

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Horror Movie List (2012)

October Horror Movie Challenge


1. Hunger

2009 Feature Rate 5.2 2,866 1 month ago
2. The Tall Man 2012 Feature Rate 6.0 26,081 1 month ago
3. The Tattooist

2007 Feature Rate 5.2 2,462 1 month ago
4. Creepshow

1982 Feature Rate 6.8 24,009 1 month ago
5. Creepshow 2

1987 Feature Rate 5.9 13,146 1 month ago
6. Rumpelstiltskin

1995 Feature Rate 4.3 1,522 1 month ago
7. The Children

2008 Feature Rate 6.0 12,099 1 month ago
8. The Shock Labyrinth 3D

2009 Feature Rate 3.9 705 1 month ago
9. Mum & Dad

2008 Feature Rate 6.0 4,067 1 month ago
10. The Shrine

2010 Feature Rate 5.6 9,140 1 month ago
11. Parents

1989 Feature Rate 6.2 3,896 1 month ago
12. Apartment 143

2011 Feature Rate 5.1 7,840 1 month ago
13. Remains

2011 Feature Rate 4.2 1,444 1 month ago
14. House on Haunted Hill

1999 Feature Rate 5.6 40,441 1 month ago
15. White Noise 2: The Light

2007 Feature Rate 5.8 10,395 1 month ago
16. The Possession

2012 Feature Rate 5.9 38,605 1 month ago
17. Pumpkinhead

1988 Feature Rate 6.2 11,269 1 month ago
18. Prowl

2010 Feature Rate 4.6 3,750 1 month ago
19. Captivity

2007 Feature Rate 4.6 19,243 1 month ago
20. Stake Land

2010 Feature Rate 6.6 29,370 1 month ago
21. Red: Werewolf Hunter

2010 TV Movie Rate 4.4 1,368 1 month ago
22. Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

2010 TV Movie Rate 4.3 569 1 month ago
23. House of Voices

2004 Feature Rate 4.9 3,357 1 month ago
24. The Cabin in the Woods

2012 Feature Rate 7.1 211,939 1 month ago
25. Intruders

2011 Feature Rate 5.4 15,249 1 month ago
26. The Dead Outside

2008 Feature Rate 4.3 1,027 1 month ago
27. The Devil’s Carnival

2012 Feature Rate 6.6 2,562 1 month ago
28. Troll

1986 Feature Rate 4.2 5,957 1 month ago
29. Rise of the Dead

2007 Video Rate 3.1 523 1 month ago
30. Rise of the Zombies

2012 TV Movie Rate 3.8 1,779 1 month ago
31. Absentia

2011 Feature Rate 5.8 9,493 1 month ago
32. Chernobyl Diaries

2012 Feature Rate 5.0 45,034 1 month ago

Wer (2014) Mini Review

Tim's Film Reviews

Here comes another mini review, this time an indie horror film is in my target, also related to werewolves. The film is currently out on VOD, it’s a kind of found footage horror film. But it does have a lot of none found footage scenes. On a none review topic boy does that werewolf guy look like Sébastien Chabal or as he’s nicknamed ‘The Cave Man’ in French Rugby.

I’ll go into much more detail below but give it a try, got trailers and images below. Check it all out and give me a like and a comment at the end.


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Radio of Horror Blog

I am working on a Gender Swap Dracula movie. This means Dracula, Renfield VanHellsing, Harker, Morris Nd Holmwood will be Woman. Lucy, Mina, and Dracula’s wives will be men. The short film titled Dracula’s Guest will be used to launch our crowd funding campaign. Skip SHEA Director of Microcinema and Ave Maria will be directing it if we get funding.
The woman playing Dracula is Rachel Wise. I need your help to do this if you like this blog and follow it once we launch our indie gogo tell every one REPOST about it. Donate to it.
We launch in one month.

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Hemlock Grove Creator

Radio of Horror Blog

On the show tonight is the creator of Hemlock Grove creator Brian McGreevy, he discusses with us his inspiration to write the novel which the show is based on and working as a writer on the show it self. Hemlock Grove just finished season 2. We also have on the show tonight Thomas L Phillips who directed Sanctuary: Quite the Conundrum, a new twisted horror thriller from Anchor Bay.

We also discuss the awefull as above is below and the new returning fall Horror shows like Supernatural The Walking Dead Sleepy Hollow and More.


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