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10622777_562520810541015_1169483603659959276_nHollywood can’t seem to keep up with the gruesome, fast paced world of horror, so independent horror is in even higher demand. In a vast world of remakes, indie saves the day again. Necro Girls and Team Necro are to the horror rescue with their upcoming film CANNIBILLIES.

Cannibillies will star names that some may recognize through the convention and horror circuit and of course, Necro Girls Magazine. Some of these names include Jami Pass Cullins, Gina Heartless (Lucy Fur), Adam Rogers, Shamus Donnelly, Megan Pillar and many more.

What is Cannibillies?

Eve is a single mother who raised her three children the best that she could. Eve’s children all were brought up with the word of God. A sense of right and wrong. The art of self-reliance. And a belief that nothing is more powerful than the bond of blood. To the outsider…

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Oculus (2014)

Reel Ryan

A horror movie that proves that you don’t have to be vain to be scary. The film really doesn’t mirror anything else, I’ve heard people mention 1408, but instead of a room it’s a mirror keeping people hostage. I thought this movie wasn’t entertaining all the way through, but it has some excellent moments and really messes with your mind. Karen Gillan is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now, her acting could have been a little better, but she is simply stunning to look at. Katee Sackhoff definitely got her fiber in this film from eating lots of stoneware dish sets, she was a pretty good crazy lady. Like I said, this film wasn’t amazing, but it is interesting enough for me to recommend that you should check it out if you like horror films.



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