Solstice Weekend

The Lodgers (2017)

Gothic. Atmospheric. Beautifully filmed. Recommended.

“Filmed in one of Ireland’s most haunted houses, Loftus Hall.”

They're listening.
You know they're listening!
Girl child!
Girl child boy child
Listen well
Be in bed by midnight's bell
Never let a stranger
Through your door
Never leave each other
All alone

Good sister good brother we
Never forget
These cautions three
Long as your blood
Be ours alone
You'll see us

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"So lovely is the
loneliness of a wild lake
"with black rock bound
and the tall pines
"that towered around."
"But when the night
had thrown her paw
"upon that spot eyes upon all,
"and the mystic wind went
by murmuring a melody.
"Then ah, then I would wake
"to the tire of the lone lake.
"Death was in that
poisonous wave
"and in its garth,
a fitting grave."

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