Vanessa Ives

Her hand reached out from the wet, muddy earth. Then the other. Dark skies , raining. She pulled herself out of the grave. Crawled up out of it. Wearing her white shroud. Horror in her eyes. She looked out with her news eyes, a revenant. Hands still clenched, blackened eyes.

After 3 days, she had risen from the dead. Ahmunet arisen. Stalking the streets of London, she heard something in an alley. A drunken husband was beating his wife. She snapped his neck and devoured his blood. She made her way to Malcolm’s house and crawled through a window into the basement. Covering herself, she rested for 3 days. Then, among Lord Malcolm’s collection, she came upon a statue of Anubis. She set up an altar. She stripped naked and covered her body in magical hieroglyphs. For three days she chanted, magical incantations channelled through Ahmunet. (A reversal of her earlier prayer before the cross.) She emerged renewed. She made her way to her ancestral home.


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