The Witch

Down to the Bones

thewitch_online_teaser_01_web_large“Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”

Did I just give you the creeps? Greetings, spooky lovers! Today, I’m breaking down The Witch [2015] into sharp, yummy little pieces.

I have to share Rolling Stone’s description of this beast: “Like an unnerving ‘Grimm’s’ fairy tale directed by Stanley Kubrick and tongue-kissed by Satan.”

Yup. Many won’t have the taste or the patience for this kind of horror, which is a real shame. This is a bare bones horror, a bleak horror. A steady dread that builds and wallows within this family and the viewer. This film is black as pitch. And so, so human. This film will not leave you. In the hours and days after you see it, it churns around your head. The Witch just gets it right.


Every prop and stitch in this movie is authentic to the time period. The costumes, the house, the accents, every…

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