Voices From the Grave (2014)

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Voices from the Grave posterThe horror landscape has been flooded with horror anthologies as of late. We’ve gotten everything from the standard VHS anthology films (click here, here, and here) to the super short entries of the ABCs OF DEATH films (click here and here). I’m glad there’s been a resurgence of the anthology format. There’s a lot of fun to be had when the anthology is done right. VOICES FROM THE GRAVE is one of the newest offerings into the canon. Directed by Laurence Holloway and Richard Stoudt, VOICES FROM THE GRAVE is written by Holloway, Stoudt, Darlene Stoudt, and offers an original story by Gary Brandner, author of THE HOWLING. Let’s see how this one measures up.

The wrap around story of VOICES FROM THE GRAVE isn’t anything too original or new, but it does a solid job of setting up the other stories. The film starts with a horror fan looking for hard…

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