Top 10 Rabbits in Film – Republished

Funk's House of Geekery

Seen this article before? Then you have. I’m republishing it because #1 is still right on the money and there’s nothing much else to say about Easter in geek circles. Can we get some more Easter themed horror movies or something?

Easter isn’t an easy time of year for the pop culture blogger. What the hell do you even write about? Christmas is a veritable flood of movies and TV to discuss and compile lists on, likewise Valentine’s Day, New Year, Hallowe’en…but Easter? It’s not exactly a holiday that gets much attention in the geeky field. So we’re going to focus our lens on a very small aspect of the holiday: the Easter Bunny. Here’s the ten most memorable rabbits in cinema.

#10 – Frank

frank donnie darko

Slipping in at the bottom of this list is Frank. A popular character yes, but it is revealed that he is not technically a rabbit but a…

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