Clive Barker ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ Advance Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Brent R. Oliver

Pinhead, much like Bon Jovi, has always been one to keep the faith. While it’s obvious that Bon Jovi’s music is more awful by far than any torture Pinhead has ever dreamed up, it’s also beside the point.

Pinhead is undoubtedly one of Clive Barker’s greatest imaginings. From his introduction in the novella TheHellbound Heart, to his dignified S&M glory in the first few Hellraiser films, to his sad descent through the final Hellraiser films, he’s been a monstrous entity we fans just can’t get enough of. Even when he goes to space or becomes part of an online role-playing-game.

But what if he discovered a lust for power that outstripped his faith in temptation and pain? What if he got tired of waiting for creepy nipple-pinchers to solve his kinky puzzle box and jump down to perdition? In fact, what if Pinhead…

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