Charlie’s Farm Gets Australian Release

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Charlie's Farm posterCHARLIE’S FARM is the newest film from Australian indie horror filmmaker, Chris Sun. Sun’s last film, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL had some fantastic special f/x but faltered a little in the story department. CHARLIE’S FARM is written and directed by Sun and stars Tara ReidNathan JonesKane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Allira Jaques, and Genna Chanelle Hayes. Check out the plot crunch:

The violent history of Charlie’s Farm is brought brutally to life when four horror seeking youths stumble across a legend that refuses to die.

Monster Pictures will be distributing CHARLIE’S FARM this summer on June 17, 2015. Check out the press release:


Australian Horror Has been Reborn!

Monster Pictures, Australia’s leading distributor of cutting edge genre cinema, is proud to announce the upcoming release on DVD, Blu-ray and Video on Demand of the eagerly awaited CHARLIE’S FARM, a thrilling slasher reboot that is surely one of the scariest…

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