Stiggy’s Film of the Day Tam-Lin aka The Devil’s Widow (1970)

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

Year: 1970
Director: Roddy McDowall
Cast: Ava Gardner , Ian McShane , Stephanie Beacham, Cyril Cusack
Themes: Occult, Folklore, Legends, Thriller,Witchcraft, Love Triangle

tam lin coverThe Story.

Aging spinster Mickey is a fickle woman. Determined to escape her biological reality, she surrounds herself with the company of beautiful young people- using her immense wealth, and possibly a little bit of witchy wonder, to keep them there by her side. Catch her on a good day she will pander to your every dream; dare defy the mistress of the manor and there will be trouble. But then who could resist living a life of luxury and decadence if it means paying lip service to the crone’s ego every once and a while? Tom does more than this. He truly believes he loves Mickey. As her favourite pet he gets more than his fair share of attention. He is granted access to…

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