Stiggy’s Film of the Day Eye of the Devil (1966)

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

Year: 1966
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Cast: Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Sharon Tate, David Hemmings, Donald Pleasence
Themes: Pagan Rites, Black Mass, Ancient Tradition, Witchcraft Thriller

eye of the devil posterStory

The de Montfaucon family appear to be living the perfect life in suburban Paris- husband Philippe (David Niven) and wife Catherine (Deborah Kerr) and their two children Jacques and Antoinette, seem to have everything they need. But when Philippe receives news from his home at castle Bellenac that the vineyard crops have failed for the third year running it is time he must return, in order to fulfil an ancestral pact he made, to appease the old Gods and make a sacrifice that will restore vitality to the land. Leaving his family behind Philippe heads home, but his wife Catherine- knowing her husband is troubled by his past- ignores her husband’s wishes to stay behind. She and the children travel to be…

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