Private Hell 36 (1954)

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private hell 36 1954

Good crime movie directed by Don Siegel and starring Ida Lupino who also co-wrote the screenplay. A lot of familiar faces along the way.

In New York a bank messenger is killed and robbed of two hundred thousand dollars. A year later L.A. cop Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) is passing a drug store at night. He looks in and sees two men robbing the place. He sneaks in, kills one and arrests the other (King Donovan).

One of the fifty dollar bills is hot and traced back to the New York robbery. The druggist (Richard Deacon) tells Bruner, his partner Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) and their boss Capt.Michaels (Dean Jagger) where it came from.

Bruner and Farnham go to a bar and question the bartender (Dabbs Greer). He says the bars’ singer Lilli Marlowe (Ida Lupino) gave it to him. She says it was a tip from a customer. At…

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