Blair Erickson on the secrets of Banshee Chapter


Interview first published (in shorter version) by Grolsch FilmWorks

Banshee Chapter has certainly shaken up the horror circuit with its potent cocktail of twentieth-century history and gonzo fiction, of hallucinatory excess and alien intrusions, of crazy character comedy and skin-crawling terror. We chatted with director/co-writer Blair Erickson about the secrets behind his low-budget 3D feature debut.

Grolsch FilmWorks: What idea kickstarted the screenplay for Banshee Chapter? and how did you work with your co-writer Daniel J. Healy?

Blair Erickson: The idea started with when I was just reading some books on DMT [dimethyltryptamine] research and the MKULTRA project. There were a quite a few discussions of the effects of the chemicals used and speculation by some if the compounds might be unlocking parts of your brain that communicate with alternate dimensions. It was a fascinating idea and one not easily shook.

I had actually never met Daniel Healy…

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