The Ghosts of Felbrigg Hall

The Haunted Palace

The Approach to Felbrigg Hall The Approach to Felbrigg Hall

Felbrigg Hall is situated amidst vast parklands in North Norfolk and is one of the finest houses in East Anglia.  Originally the home of the Felbrigg family, the land and house was acquired in the fifteenth century by the Wyndham’s.  Its Jacobean facade hides elegant Georgian interiors that speak of the Wyndham/Windham’s tastes and fancies over the centuries.

Although the last Wyndham died over 200 years ago and the home has been in the hands of the National Trust since the 1960’s, not all of its past residents seem eager to quit their former home.

Detail from Felbrigg Churchyard Detail from Felbrigg Churchyard

One such tale tells of an elderly woman, once a parlour made in the Hall, recounting how she and other maids would find that their candles were mysteriously extinguished when ever they passed by a particular door.  A female voice would beckon them to enter the…

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