The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 1)

Funk's House of Geekery

A while ago we wrote an epic ten part list of our 100 favourite graphic novels. We liked it and the feedback we got was very positive. I though we’d do video games but fortunately we have writers who have great ideas, and we loved Jes’ suggestion that we could look at the 100 greatest female characters in pop culture. We went with that idea!

Before we unleash the first of five parts of this epic list, we’ll outline the criteria we settled on. The characters had to be female and be a part of modern pop culture. We decided not to include books in the process because that could produce a Top 100 list on its own. Our nominees come from comics, film, television and video games. We chose not to rank these characters from best to worst, instead celebrating each as an individual role. Our list of…

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