Enter “The Dark Lord” – a review of the work of Peter Levenda

The Blog of Baphomet

This book took me back to my early teens when I first came across the work of Kenny G. The Dark Lordstands squarely in the tradition of attractively produced, Thelema-centric, hyperbole-tastic, Typhonian literature. At first glance I wondered if this was to be a biography of Mr Grant (aka ‘The Slime Lord’) but in this case ‘The Dark Lord’ isn’t just a more polite epithet for Kenny (and no, it’s not a Voldemort or Peter Mandelson reference either). Instead The Dark Lord in question is the being that signifies that whole stellar-Set-Shaitan-Typhon antinomian spooky occult vibe.

None more black None more black

In this book Peter Levenda takes us a on a grand tour of the interface between Crowley, Lovecraft and Grant, with supporting characters appearing in the form of Jack ‘butterfingers’ Parsons, Mike Bertiaux and Frater Achad (no mention of Soror Nema, women don’t get much of a look-in until we get…

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