[Music News] Chaos Sedated #164 Podcast Now Available from Radio Free Satan

Heathen Harvest

Chaos Sedated Header


Featuring a mix of Dark Ambient, Noise, and Industrial music from Coil/NIN, Old Man Gloom, Hecq, Locrian, Theologian, and more.


Artist – Track – Album
Bruno Sanfilippo – Alchemical Powers – Subliminal Pulse
Old Man Gloom – Something For The Mrs. – Christmas
Coil / Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness) – Recoiled
Hecq – Come Home – Night Falls
Troum – Peleta – AIWS
Locrian – Inverted Ruins – Territories
Theologian – Zero – The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face
Funerary Call – Hill of Skull and Bone – Beckoning At The Black
No Festival Of Light – Deus Otiosus – If God Lived On Earth, We Would Break His Windows
Oureboros – The Descent – Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light
Atrium Carceri – The Expedition – The Untold

Featured releases:

Coil / Nine…

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