The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket-Edgar Allan Poe (1838)

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edgar allen poe=the narrative of arthur gordon pym of nantucket

This is Poe’s only novel. It’s all about the sea faring adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym who was born in Nantucket and is drawn to the sea…whether his family likes it or not. There are four sections with the second being full of exciting events and hard to put down. The third takes a while to get going.

The first section is short and relates what happens when Arthur and his friend Augustus get drunk and decide to head out on Augustus’s sailboat Ariel. A storm hits and Augustus passes out. Arthur does his best but can’t avoid an encounter with a whaling ship. When they get back on land they keep quiet about it all to their parents.

Augustus’ father captains a whaling ship called the Grampus. Augustus helps Arthur stowaway. Augustus built a box where Arthur can hide and he leaves him some food and water…

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