The Tingler

Dr. Warren Chapin is having a bad trip.

The Tingler is about a doctor who is experimenting in fear. He finds an entity that is created in the human body as a reaction to fear. It develops in the spine and can only be stopped with a scream. He attempts to create a tingler in a human body. He uses a deaf/mute woman as a subject. In the course of his work, he injects himself with LSD. He hallucinates the walls closing in on him. It’s a bit of humorous acting by Vincent Price. His wife is unfaithful, but is rich, and funds his work.

As always, Vincent Price is wonderful. The subject of LSD in a movie made in 1959 is actually a little ahead of its time, at least in the popular discourse.

Vincent Price


Patricia Cutts … Isabel Stevens Chapin

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