Dr. Catsu Reviews The Pit aka Jug Face (2013).

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

The Pit DVD

What is horror? As covered in many of my reviews, it is such a broad topic open to an enormous expanse of diverse interpretations. Horror movies cater to so many different tastes too; from bloody gorefests, through creepy, atmospheric ghost stories, to slow burn, psychological head scratchers, somebody somewhere has it covered. But what do these movies, often at polar opposite ends of the genre spectrum, have in common? I would argue that, regardless of the niche in which it may sit, all horror movies – every single one – boil down to the suffering of others, the vicarious thrill of watching other humans in peril, in danger, in pain. The variety comes in the implementation; the application of the various genre tropes to the characters they paint. Whilst my chosen sub-genre, the oft-maligned slasher flick, arguably deals with the more far-fetched and implausible end of things, upcoming release from…

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