Dr. Catsu Reviews Banshee Chapter (2013).

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

DVD Cover

In the UK, by far the biggest event in the horror calendar is the ‘Film4 Frightfest’ held annually over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Each year the great and the good assemble for a range of horror-themed events as well as the obligatory screenings of genre movies old and new. Running since 2000, the event has been the UK Launchpad for a broad range of excellent horror movies – ‘Oldboy’ in 2004, Adam Green’s throwback ‘Hatchet’ in 2006, Jonathan King’s criminally underrated ‘Black Sheep’ in 2007, the brilliant ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ in 2011, and the Soska’s wonderful ‘American Mary’ in 2012 to name but a few. As it has grown, it could be argued that the event is making greater efforts to attract a more mainstream, casual audience but, with little else on a similar scale for UK-based genre fans, it remains the holy grail of Anglo-fandom. The…

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