Artist Spotlight: The Sinister Works of Worthless Endeavors

Heathen Harvest

Worthless Worthless

Somewhere amongst the shadows in the Northeastern swamplands of New Jersey, there lies an artist cloaked in obscurity who holds no limits in his visual expressions, which are equally as vindictive and callous as the artist himself. Worthless Endeavors holds an extreme dedication to his artwork beyond that which some would consider their creative interests no more than just a mere hobby.

His creative pursuit is as potent as the blood which flows through his veins, similar to his own personal philosophies and beliefs in life, death, the spiritual realm, as well as anything which is beyond that of all superficial and shallow aspects of the modern world. Worthless encompasses his paintings with vehement, demonic-like depictions, as if interpreted from memories being in Hell itself, where as his photography focuses more on the natural world in its own glorious, dark grandeur – both equally enriched in spirit.


Worthless Endeavors

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