Songs That Horror Movies Made Creepy

The Horror Online



Lets take a look at the songs that were once innocent and have now been forever tainted with creepy associations to horror movies.



Silence Of The Lambs ; Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus 


What It Was : 

A catchy 80’s tune originally used on the The Married To The Mob soundtrack. 

What It Became ; 

Flashback inducing, Stomach churning, stop you in your tracks creepy.

Scene ;  

Bat crap crazy serial killer Buffalo Bill clad only in a Kimono (sort of), does a flirty dance while looking directly at the camera (ie. you) as he models a woman’s scalp on his head (and sports a mangina).The iconic dance which had appeared in the novel was not in the script. A very brave Ted Levine who played Buffalo Bill insisted that the dance be included in the film and was given free reign to choreograph it…

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