13 Must See Horror Films of 2013

The Horror Online


The year is drawing to a close so lets look back and count down the 13 horror films of 2013 that deserve to be seen! The films will be listed in order with the Horror Film that earns TheHorroronline’s Number 1 must see film of 2013 taking the top spot. 


13. Evil Dead


Not the most well received of 2013’s horror films, Evil Dead didn’t quite live up to it’s hype as it was just a little bit too glossy for some tastes. BUT it is worth watching, if only for Sam Rami’s divine hand having blessed and touched the production, which lifted it above the usual remake dreck. It doesn’t get any easier this time round watching every character behave like a Goddamn idiot (it’s 2013 couldn’t one of them have brought a Kindle and left The Book Of The Dead the hell alone?) but screaming at the…

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